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Worldwide Media Group serves as the leading corporation in the development, integration, and delivery of information, entertainment and education products made for digital distribution (Television, Digital Audio, Internet, Mobile) in on various language markets.

Worldwide Media Group offers its customers a unique deal in value and quality, including content in standard definition as well as high definition. Also, Worldwide Media Group serves as the owner of innovative multimedia channels: Concert Channels HD/SD, channels dedicated to music lovers, new multi-media, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, interactive channels aimed toward the millennial generation and characterized by its dynamism, creativity, and openness to the newest trends in the market.


Worldwide Media Group serves as a product, friendly promotional service that provides guidance and services to meet the needs of its customers. Worldwide Media Groups' product line is dedicated to reaching the highly fragmented marketing and promotional space in the media-advertising sector. Clients  join the Worldwide Media Group community to engage in media, marketing and promotional services. Joining the community provides users access to valuable customized services i.e. gaining access to the buying community and receiving access  to up-to-the-minute aggregated, media  market information, ad campaign planning tools, creative services, ad space, buying discounts, monitoring services, and account management.

With more than twenty years in the market, Worldwide Media Group has the experience and necessary knowledge to offer highly flexible and economically efficient products according to the needs of the consumer. Worldwide Media Group offers integral, innovative products which at the same time allow its customers to increase the value of their digital services offered and bring to the customer outstanding high-quality products.


With education serving as the impetus for economic growth and cultural advancement, Worldwide Media Group will serve as a distributor of mediated education and training content throughout the Americas, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Education serves as the conduit for advancement in global society and Worldwide Media Group will serve as a conduit to enhance economic and societal growth through partnering with ministries, governmental organizations and academic entities in providing education media based academic resources. Academic resources will be provided to assist all areas of academic including primary, secondary, tertiary, corporate and professional training. These resources will integrated with current academic programming as partnership in providing resources to enhance the economic and global growth throughout the Americas, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.

In addition to its technological products and services, Worldwide Media Group offers the best entertainment in the world and a wide selection of media, cinematic and musical programs which allow its affiliates to offer Video On Demand (VOD), Pay-Per-View (PPV), and other On-Demand services in multiple platforms, including Broadband, Mobil, and IPTV.

Based in South Florida, Worldwide Media Group is the only company in the industry capable of providing an immediate, personalized response to the needs of its customers in the Americas, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.

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